"the pathway to talent"

the performance

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The emotion of the theater opens our learning experiences with “The pathway to talent”, a performance that puts theatrical language, generative questions, video, and music into dialogue, to stimulate the audience and make it the protagonist of a collective reflection on how Albini’s Method could be applied in our own professional and personal life.

An immersion in the principles that guided Franco Albini’s design in emotional and participatory terms. The performance, aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of our training courses, is suitable for small and large business groups, schools and universities.

Text: Paola Albini
Direction: Paola Albini and Babi Campi Falcone
Interpreter: Paola Albini
Music: Alessandro Nidi
Video: Castagnaravelli Studio with the students of the “Scenography and Light” course of the Design School of the Politecnico di Milano