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La Via del Talento


Il workshop mira a sviluppare il pensiero creativo sul modello di quello del designer acquisendo un metodo per la propria realizzazione personale e professionale.
Ispirati dall’esempio di un grande Maestro come Franco Albini, verrete condotti ad applicare il suo metodo progettuale per far chiarezza sul vostro talento e come metterlo in azione in un progetto concreto.

Message in an object

Phase II

If you were to present yourself through a piece of design which would you choose? And why? We asked 20 students of the Master in Furniture Design of Politecnico di Milano and the result was a mix between the history of Design and the creative soul of people.

Message in an object

Phase I

“Message in an object” is a journey to discover the messages that objects hide, but they want to communicate. In the first phase of this journey, we present 5 videos made by the students of the Polidesign Lighting course, which reveal the messages that Albini has entrusted to the folds of history through his works. To discover the second and third phase of the project … “stay tuned”

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Welcome to the Academy

We are an academy dedicated to training through the method of a great master of design and architecture. Our formative experiences are aimed at getting out of the beaten path of sequential logic exploring new ways of thinking and new ways to take, to generate personal and professional innovation.


From Empowerment to conscious communication in here you will find pictures from the different workshops that we have done