Message in an object

phase II

“Message in an object: mirroring in the design”

The design pieces reflect us and in a sense choose us.

If you were to present yourself through a piece of design which would you choose? And why? We asked 20 students of the Master in Furniture Design of Politecnico di Milano and the result was a mix between the history of Design and the creative soul of people.

Eugenio Gelao

“I chose this masterpiece because it combines arts and design. This chair represents my personality and the way I design. In fact, I am inspired and attracted by art in all of its forms. I think that art and design are strongly connected and a piece of furniture might be considered as a piece of art. In conclusion, I chose this chair because it combines function – aesthetic, and sensibility generated by art. This is one of my ways to design interiors and furniture.”

Jylan Hany

“The reason why I feel like it represents me is that it is asymmetric, representing how I am unconventional and do not feel an obligation to stick to what society dictates on us; it is a tree that symbolizes giving, which I enjoy; also trees represents being green and eco-friendly, which is something I care about. Also, Joris Laarman Lab is known for using science (certain algorithms and formulas they come up with) to create their products, making them use their left and right sides of their brains, which is also something I think I do.”

Sunayana Dash

“I am a very simple person therefore this was my choice, the straight simple design, bold and sophisticated. The solid-ness and the sturdy features depict that I am very dependable, reliable, and strong. A system of glass doors surrounds the drawers, this symbolically shows that I prioritize alone time, even though I am comfortable in social situations and love being with others. It also shows that I am very protective of the people I love.”

Pan Yue

“The reason why I choose variations of time to be my personality design, First of all, because I like the design philosophy of Nendo, minimal, smart, and creative. Second, I often use different colors to represent different functions in my own design works, This work fits my personal characteristics very well. Last but not least, I think the design is not only about creating an object but also telling a story, creating a new way of life, and thinking.”

Dina Muti

“It has a strong inner shell that makes it look so comfortable and soft. It provides privacy in public spaces. The Egg Chair is unique and it can stand alone in space. It also works well with other furniture and it gives a special result. Like myself, I work well alone yet I can add something different while working and being with other people. It is simple yet elegant, and for me, that is the perfect combination.”

Elisa Campana

“I think that this piece of furniture could represent me because is a very particular seat:
– as you can see the structure seems to be light, but is very solid and it is shining: that means that it can represent me because I am a positive person, but I am also reliable and strong and I don’t give up in front of difficulties. The seat is very comfortable which means that I am a very calm person, reflective and thoughtful and I can transmit this calm to other people.”

Matteo Siboni

“It represents me because it is very ingenious and unexpected. It is a chair that can be unfolded and attached to the wall, becoming a piece of art, hiding the complex mechanisms it uses to carry on its function. Pieces like that have the ability to spike my curiosity and that is the most important thing because my main characteristic is to be curious.”

Matteo De Clercq

“A chair that stimulates your creativity, that brings back the hidden child in each one of us using craftsmanship as a joyful activity. I like this design because it has broken the conventions, questioning the entire furniture system of that time which was based on industrialisation. With “Autoprogettazione” Mari was able to bring forward new visionary concepts such as the “Do it yourself” that will be later largely employed by giant furniture manufacturing companies.”