Interdisciplinary team


co-creation is finding the essence of an idea together and enhancing yourself in the process.

The learning experiences of the Franco Albini Academy are based on an interdisciplinary approach that connects different worlds and integrates them to generate awareness on several levels: theatrical language, creative expression, coaching, video making, narrative thinking, and design thinking.

Paola Albini

paola albini

Founder Franco Albini Academy, theater trainer and author

Caterina Tavani

caterina tavani

Career coach and HR consultant

Maria Isabel Malo

maria isabel malo

Interior and Strategic Designer

Natalia Piana

natalia piana

Pedagogue and Trainer Narrative Thinking

Fabio Ilacqua

fabio ilacqua

Film Maker and Storyteller

Barbara D'Incecco

barbara d'incecco

Theater Trainer

In the videos below you will find a bit of the history of Albini, his Method and how we apply his principles to our interdisciplinary courses.

paola albini

Vice President Fondazione Franco Albini,
founder and project director Franco Albini Academy

Paola Albini leads us into the legacy of Franco Albini’s Method and how its principles can transform our way of looking to ourselves, our projects and the world we live in.​

caterina tavani

Career coach, HR consultant and project manager
Franco Albini Academy

Coaching is a discipline that help our clients and corporates to stimulate awareness, enhance resources and promote new planning for oneself, the company and the society through the application of Albini’s Method.

maria isabel malo

Interior and Strategic designer

Design thinking is an holistic way of thinking, a creative way of facing different processes considering the integral context of the user; a discipline that relies on Albini Method in order to find the essence, bring it to awareness and use it to create. Because, as Albini said: “Talent lies in doing”.

natalia piana

Pedagogue and trainer Narrative thinking

Natalia Piana, pedagogue and trainer expert in autobiographical methodologies and practices, tells us about the impact of Albini Method in health context the care relationship of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

fabio ilacqua

Film maker and Storyteller

How the images we choose for our communication tells about us? the director Fabio Ilacqua explain us how Albini’s Method can make us aware of the unconscious language of the images and how to make our communication incisive and coherent with who we are.

barbara d'incecco

Theater trainer

Barbara D’Incecco, co-director with Paola Albini of the performance “The pathway to talent”, explains us how theater techniques and Albini’s Method together, become the portal to a collective dimension that aims to bring out the rough diamond that is in each of us.