Franco Albini Academy

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The Franco Albini Academy was born in 2018 to train, raise awareness, stimulate, inspire, and generate new learning.

Franco Albini was a master of modern architecture renowned in Italy and around the world, which generated change, new habits and innovation; a Master who lived his profession as a social mission. Franco Albini’s mission was to improve people’s quality of life by offering beauty to all social classes. His vision was to use a method to create spaces and objects, using the minimum of resources to be able to distribute them in a more democratic way.

The coherence between mission and vision allowed him to innovate decisively in the field of Italian and international architecture and design. We believe that the clarity of mission and vision and their coherence are the basis for full achievement as individuals and as a company.

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The mission of Franco Albini Academy is therefore to improve the quality of life and work, offering personal and professional awareness through Albini’s Method.

Our vision is to share Albini’s Method by creating interdisciplinary learning experiences that help to face challenges and enhance the sense of mission in the company, in the university and healthcare sectors. The coherence between mission and vision leads our team to listen deeply to the needs of our stakeholders, to put Albini’s Method to serve the goals of businesses (team building, leadership, change management, motivation), academic and health environments, and help young people to orient their future. 

We were born to help people facing the complexity of our society with flexibility, new planning, and innovation for oneself, others, the company, and society.