Words can equally generate limiting or empowering beliefs.

Empowerment is a process of self-awareness, a journey to discover and overcome your beliefs, to identify resources and become aware of your potential. The training experiences of empowerment are aimed at making the invisible visible and bring your essence into a concrete project.

Human Centered Lab: getting out of the comfort zone…with a method

Human Centered Lab: getting out of the comfort zone…with a method

A research by Dell Technologies affirms that 85% of the jobs that will exist by 2030 have not yet been created. This is also supported by a report by the World Economic Forum Future Jobs  from 2018. 
Today’s comfort zone therefore represents our danger zone. Society requires flexibility, awareness of our resources, the ability to reinvent ourselves and continuously create new solutions and alternatives, without fossilizing skills in a given mechanism. 
This course awakens passion, creativity and the spirit of initiative in order to face precariousness and invent new answers for the emerging needs of Society.

Duration: 8 to 24h

Conflict and relationship management at work

Conflict and relationship management at work 

“Don’t be afraid of conflicts, contrasts and problems with ourselves and others, because even the stars, at times, collide with each other, giving rise to new worlds.” Charlie Chaplin.
Conflict is inevitable in all human relationships or at least in those that are of some importance. The point is therefore not to avoid conflicts but to learn to manage them constructively.
Conflict situations are frequent in companies and constructive intervention serves to improve not only the general climate but also productivity and the sense of belonging. 
Crossing the principles of the Albini Method, we will offer techniques and useful tools to manage conflicts on a personal, professional and corporate level.

Duration: 6h