start an experience
with the albini's method.


Our courses are created to face challenges with the contribution of a method, appropriating tools that start from creative disciplines, neuroscience and design thinking.

To experience Albini’s principles, the structure of the individual courses is organized following working modules:

1. Breakdown of the challenge: workshops and creative maps to activate lateral thinking and facilitate observing the problem from different angles.

2.Investigation of the essence: analysis of the processes that emerged in phase 1 through mindfulness techniques, neuroscience, and group coaching.

3.Recomposition of the new consciousness: in a project and in an action plan (solution map) with design thinking techniques.

4.Verification of the social impact: of your solution map using interdisciplinary techniques.

In the following section empowerment, orientation, conscious communication, healing words, team building and open air, you will find a series of paths that can be fully adapted or customized to better satisfy a specific need.