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the albini's method is a shortcut
for transformation and change

Albini’s projects were based on five principles: segmentation, searching for the essence, recomposition, verification, and social responsibility; principles adopted by the Academy for the development of interdisciplinary and intercultural learning experiences based on Albini’s method which serve as a tool to empower the way of thinking. 

The method consists in facing challenges, breaking them down into parts, observing them with a different perspective, understanding the essence of the problem, and transforming the new awareness into an innovative solution. 

The principles of Albini’s method not only have given birth to works that still ” inspire” us today, but are also universal tools that, supported by interdisciplinary techniques, lead to generate awareness, innovation, team spirit, motivation.

segmentation - Albini's method


searching for the essence - Albini's method

searching for the essence

recomposition - Albini's method


verify - Albini's method


social responsibility - Albini's method

social responsibility